CMX02 cashMAX®

CMX02 cashMAX®

As a vending or gaming operator, you need to count coins in the field and you require a small and light machine. Usually you count only a few denominations, but sometimes you need to count and sort all denominations. As a casino operator, you count only coins which are already detected for authenticity. You need to process only a few denominations, usually presorted, but you need high speed on a very small footprint.

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The industrial coin counter – optimized

Ideal for cash centres

The big hopper holds up to 10,000 coins

The big hopper holds up to 10,000 coins, which can be processed thanks to its great speed in around 3 minutes. Despite to its capacity you have always access to the coin disc in case a damaged coin is causing a jam.

CMX02 cashMAX®

More efficient

The optional foot pedal makes keeps you hands free.

RapidSwitch™ allows up to 30% faster bag change and up to 40% time saving in tubing.

CMX02 cashMAX®

Making the job easier

The colour LCD display makes more information visible than any other machine in this category.

The assistance program makes it unnecessary to write down counting results or calculate values. All sums can be printed via the optional external printer. The robust and ergonomic keypad offers function keys with direct access to all routine settings.

CMX02 cashMAX®


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Up to 3.400 coins/minute
Hopper Capacity
Up to 10.000 coins
FunctionsPiece count, Value count of presorted coins, Batching
User interface
3“ color LCD, robust keypad
with function keys
USB, RS232, external printer and display

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