Our core activities are the development, production and distribution of solutions for banks, retailers, and everywhere else where cash needs to be processed. In our industrial solutions we develop specialized solutions for mints and other demanding customers – the places where the money is made.

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cashMAX® offers coin processing products for banks, retail and smaller CIT companies. The product line makes best quality affordable, but approaches this target in a way, which is getting uncommon nowadays: “first focus is quality, durability and key functionality; extra features can only work if these basics are given”.

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SOUTH Sensor Technology

The SOUTH Sensor Technology© business unit develops and manufactures sensors for currency processing equipment, document detection, security in public sector and mobility.

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cashDNA® offers note and coin processing products for demanding customers and are distributed through our network of specialized dealers. The products are all built with leading and future-proof technology and meet the highest demands on performance, detection and upgradability.